My goodness is this a cluster&$#* from the Sports Illustrated website.  This comes from a picture slideshow on "Injury watch for 2013 season."  (And you thought Bleacher Report was the only one?)  #20 on the list is Kenyon Coleman, whom the Saints signed from the Dallas Cowboys before the season and is now on IR with a pectoral tear and there's no less than 3 factual errors in SI's one sentence blurb.

1) Kenyon Martin plays basketball with the Knicks.  He is not Kenyon Coleman.

2) Rob Ryan is the former DC of the Dallas Cowboys.  Rex Ryan is the head coach of the New York Jets.

3) Rex Ryan did not go to Houston, neither did Rob.  SI was actually looking for New Orleans there.  At least they got the torn pectoral muscle right?

Good job, good effort SI.

H/T efsnyg56

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