Earlier this week I tweeted that the topic of bullying and hazing isn't exactly in the wheelhouse of the local sports talk radio host.  While there are smart individuals talking sports around the country, local sports talk radio is filled with knuckledraggers who would be much happier in a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet, clubs were the most advanced tool accessible to humankind, and women didn't get the vote.

Enter KNBR radio host Damon Bruce.

In San Francisco of all places, Bruce used the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying situation to unleash a near 9 minute rant against women in sports, because obviously, women are to blame for all of this.  It's really all so simple in the world of Damon Bruce…

Yes!  Blame all the women!  Blame them for giving us men terrible, horrible things like feelings and consideration for our fellow man and the horrors of child reproduction!  

And here's the thing, you can't use logic with these people.  You can't use reason.  You can't use facts.  You can't use the progress and evolution of society.  Why?  BECAUSE THIS IS DAMON BRUCE'S SANDBOX AND ONLY HE GETS TO PLAY WITH THE SAND IN HIS SANDBOX.

I hate to fall into the trap of using hyperbole because it's everywhere these days on social media and the internet.  But really, this may be the single most mind-numbing, stomach-turning, head-exploding rant in the history of sports talk radio.

This is all I can say…


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