We're on our quest to definitively name the greatest announcing call in the history of sports.  We started with a list of 64 (the top 32 of which were seeded) that will be narrowed down to 1 at the end of the month that will earn the greatest of all-time title thanks to your votes.  Each day will bring a list of new matchups as we march our way through the tournament.  Round 1 and Round 2 are in the books and you can view the full results at the links.  This week will see the Sweet 16.  Finally we have the Allen Bracket.  Today's matchups…

1) The shot heard round the world vs 4) Send it in Jerome

3) We'll see you tomorrow night vs 2) Down goes Frazier!

1) "The Giants win the pennant!"

The Shot Heard 'Round the World. Bobby Thompson's famous home run for the New York Giants off Ralph Branca of the Brooklyn Dodgers is the oldest call in our list from 1951. That fact though only confirms how Russ Hodges' call has stood the test of time. Such broadcasting legends as Ernie Harwell and Red Barber called that one game playoff for various media outlets. But, it's the sheer exuberance of Hodges that has been seared into history.

4) "Send it in Jerome!"

Jerome Lane had a rather unspectacular playing career. However, he is responsible for the most replayed highlight in the last 25 years of college basketball. It didn't hurt that fan favorite Bill Raftery spoke four words that have become part of the basketball lexicon.


2) "Down goes Frazier!"

There is no more legendary name in broadcasting than Howard Cosell. And there's no more famous call in the history of boxing than George Foreman's domination of Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier. You know, back when the Heavyweight Championship meant something and boxing was the sport of kings. Although Cosell's mere 3 words became famous, the entirety of his rabid call is something to behold.

3) "We'll see you tomorrow night!"

Jack Buck finds himself in our list yet again for another legendary call of an historic baseball moment. This time, it's the 1991 World Series and an extra-innings home run by Kirby Puckett that forced a Game 7 back at the Metrodome. This call has been made even more special by the tribute from Jack's son Joe in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series

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