In what is being referred to as "downsizing" by an auction house even though we all know better, former Red Sox pitcher/hero and current ESPN analyst Curt Schilling is having an estate sale at his Medfield, Mass. home on Saturday.

Via the AP:

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling — whose video game company collapsed into bankruptcy last year, prompting a high-profile lawsuit in Rhode Island — is selling off furniture, sports collectibles and even artificial plants from his Massachusetts home.
An estate sale company has scheduled a sale of items from Schilling's seven-bedroom, 8,000-square-foot Medfield residence for Saturday. Among the items listed on Consignworks Inc.'s website are sofas, porch rockers, candlesticks, a baby grand piano, a punching bag, a Hummer golf cart, a baseball glove chair and a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine.
Schilling is one of many being sued by the State of Rhode Island, which is now on the hook for a cool $90 million after luring 38 Studios away from Massachusetts. Despite sinking and losing his personal fortune into the company, the suit alleges he knew the company was in trouble and hid that fact from investors to get the loan.
While the estate sale company is saying that "downsizing is a part of life" the sad truth is that Schilling is out of money and needs to sell his stuff to probably just cover his legal bills, if he can even do that. Schilling's current financial state as dire.
He even sold the bloody sock, which brought in less than $100K. Honestly, I'm surprised that John Henry didn't buy it for like $40 million to permanently hang at Fenway, but that's just me.
The whole thing is so unfortunate and another example of how athletes cannot be too careful with their money – whether or not Schilling deceived investors is something we may never know. But to sink his entire personal fortune into a company that failed is devastating enough, but having to now sell all his belongings while his credibility is constantly brought into question makes it all the worse. While Schilling had the passion, his lack of business knowledge did him no favors.


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