Every week Colin Cowherd provides his Blazing Five picks for the NFL season.  Cowherd has a decent record picking games against the spread.  In fact, last year he was one of the top NFL pundits in America with his game picks.  Let that sink in.

However, this year has gone in the exact opposite direction as Cowherd is having one of the worst seasons imaginable in picking NFL games.  So far this season Colin Cowherd is 11-30-2 with his Blazing Five picks.  This includes a 1-4 record this past week, saying Atlanta +2.5 at Arizona was his strongest play of the week.  He also picked the Jets to cover at the Bengals and they lost by like 800 points.

Cowherd's season includes one week at 0-6, two weeks at 1-4, and just one week with a winning record:

11-30-2!  That's a .256 winning percentage!  A crocodile who makes picks by eating stuffed animals of that team's mascot would be destroying Cowherd at this point!  Those picks make The Swami look like Jimmy the Greek!  The only person having a worse year in the NFL is Greg Schiano!

Cowherd does have a good history of picking NFL games, so maybe this is just an abnormality.  Maybe it's the best advertising possible against gambling your money away by trying to bet on sports.  Maybe it's karma for ESPN giving Colin Cowherd his own football show on Sunday mornings at the expense of Outside the Lines.  

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