Katherine Webb National Championship Game

Brent Musberger has reached the age where he knows that he is still great at doing play-by-play, but also knows that if he gets fired, he'll be fine. After making Alabama sweetheart and Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb famous by declaring his attraction for her during the national title game last year, Big Game Brent was at it again on Saturday.

He and Kirk Herbstreit were talking about the Heisman trophy race and Brent had a very reasonable argument that McCarron – the winner of the past two consecutive national championships – should at least be in the Heisman discussion. He then said, "Plus the fact, you'd like to have his girlfriend at the ceremony."


Webb owes Musberger for her level of fame and for her career boost after the championship game callout, a favor that she has to reciprocate somehow. These two should definitely make paid appearances together at birthdays, fantasy football draft parties and other events. They should take over as Hooters' spokespeople because Jon Gruden has become too creepy, and the waitresses aren't really sure they want to know what "Spider 2, Y Banana" means. And they should eventually star in an "Odd Couple" type sitcom on NBC, because NBC needs the ratings. 

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