With one of the wildest days we can ever recall in sports media, we invite back to the show Deadspin's John Koblin to break it all down. John's reporting into ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and more in the sports media is one of the pillars of the top sports blog in the land. Today, we chat with John about Jason Collins coming out, the fallout of Chris Broussard's comments on Outside the Lines, and where we go from here, as well as…

-The significance of Jason Collins coming out in a first person narrative.
-The importance for SI as a magazine and their future health.
-The reaction to Collins' announcement from the sports and media worlds.
-Did ESPN set up Chris Broussard to debate homosexuality?
-Why ESPN was late to the Collins story and how yesterday was a backwards step after a positive year for Bristol.
-What other networks and outlets may learn moving forward.

A great discussion with John on the major stories of the day and their evolving nature.

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