Enjoy this video of a Chicago high school basketball game between Marist and Curie Metropolitan.  Marist defeats Curie 63-62 in thrilling fashion to win the regional title as Lexus "Hot Rod" Williams (who makes the top ten of best names in sports as a high schooler) sinks the winning three pointer with just a couple seconds to play.  Allow announcer Brian Snow to guide you through the final seconds as he absolutely loses his mind like no announcer before ever has.  This may be the most excited you will ever hear an announcer.  Snow erupts for Williams' winning three and then explodes in high pitched euphoria after Curie's half court heave misses and Marist wins.  It's amazing.  I love that an announcer can be this excited for a high school basketball game.  He makes Gus Johnson sound like Ben Stein.  Just be very careful if you try to listen to this clip while wearing headphones.  

The only thing missing from this Marist high school clip?  PYROTECHNIIIICS!!!  What are the odds of the same high school producing two crazy announcing calls that gain national recognition in the same school year?  Marist baseball announcer guy, let's see what you got.

[H/T Deadspin]

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