I recently noticed that with a high level of accuracy, I can identify who is anchoring SportsCenter by just hearing their voice as I’m often working on something and will have it on in the background (#humblebrag). It’s not that hard after you memorize the regular dozen or so anchors who are in the rotation of ESPN’s staple show.

Occasionally there is a new face/voice that I haven’t seen before or just didn’t make a memorable impression on me. However with ESPN sending a substantial amount of talent to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl in addition to stuffing the set with a record amount of television personalities, the Worldwide Leader has been spread a bit thin this weekend it seems.

With the late night/early morning SportsCenter on the weekend essentially being the grave shift, I found myself wondering if the pairing above might be the most unrecognizable pairing of anchors to host SportsCenter in recent memory.

Both Adnan Virk and Max Bretos didn’t ring a bell to me although I’m sure I’ve seen one or the other in some capacity in the past. If you think I’m being harsh, I actually have to say I found Virk and Bretos to be pretty darn enjoyable as they breezed through a busy Saturday of highlights without incident. Although ESPN is known for trying to not duplicate the popularity of the Olbermann and Patrick dynamic duo pairing by constantly mixing talent for SportsCenter, it seems of late there has been a lot of continuity in the SportsCenter pairings.

Maybe the schtick of some of the regulars has worn a bit thin but of late I’ve found myself enjoying some fresh blood like Virk, Bretos, and others getting a crack at ESPN’s signature program. 

For those of you thinking the 4 am ET SportsCenter on Sunday morning could be the worst assignment on ESPN, trust me there is way way worse things the overlords in Bristol can assign you.

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