You’ve seen the reactions of various NFL players to last night’s refereeing disaster in Seattle, but the reaction I most looked forward to hearing was the Packers radio call.  It’s safe to say no NFL team has ever lost a game in more bizarre circumstances.  Thankfully, we have the full audio of last night’s final play, review, and fallout from Packers broadcasters Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren.  It’s as amazed, disgusted, astonished, and dumbfounded as you would imagine.

Before the review, things seem somewhat normal considering the frantic nature of the play and the initial call.  Where Larrivee and McCarren really lose it is after the call is held up via instant replay.  They rightfully call it a disgrace and say the NFL should be ashamed.  Actually, considering what transpired in Seattle and the extreme nature of this screw job, I’d say the extended call is actually fairly reserved… especially when ESPN’s Jon Gruden was threatening to jump out of the booth before the game ending Hail Mary!

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