Do you like your sports highlights shows infused with poetry? Nope? Tough because Stu Scott just went all Stu Scott last night during the Kentucky vs. Florida highlights.

“Blocks the shot like a track star on the clock. Leads the break, kid Gilchrist can’t finish but witness the vibe of Anthony Davis.”

So, that just happened. Did any of you get that cool-jazzy old school renaissance feeling from that clip like Stu Scott suggested? Yeah, I didn’t either. I’m sure we all also enjoyed the actual highlights of the game relegated to a smaller screen so we could fit Stu Scott’s dome on the screen for the entirety of the clip as well.

I enjoy when the anchors on SportsCenter show a bit of their personalities during the highlights, but it’s absurd when they try to upstage the real star of the show, the sports. SportsCenter, lets think twice next time you are thinking about rolling out the fog machine so an anchor can give us sports highlights.