Last we saw Al Trautwig of MSG Network in New York, he was trying his hand at being the newest Incredible Hulk.  Tonight, Al was much calmer, but happened to join what is a very exclusive club of sportscasters (somewhere Steve Levy is smiling).  You see, it was revealed today that Amare Stoudemire is suffering from a bulging disc in his back.  Whlie the injury is certainly a serious one for Stoudemire, it led to this Freudian moment of comedy for Al Trautwig.  

Instead of Al calling the injury a “bulging disc” he of course called it a “bulging dick.”  My favorite part of the clip is Al referring to the injury as being “much more complicated” than Jeremy Lin’s sore left knee.  You don’t say.  The good news is that Amare won’t require surgery… that could have been awkward.  According to legend, at least Patrick Ewing can empathize with what Stodemire is going through…

Update: Later in the evening, Jonathan Coachman also fell victim to the dreaded “bulging dick” except twice as nice.

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