By now you’re aware that Jerry Meals made terrible call to end a 19 inning thriller between the Braves and the Pirates. Meals would later admit he likely blew the call and went out on a limb somewhat on a hunch. Sometimes at 1 AM, I made bad decisions and assumptions myself.

A couple weeks back, the Sports Grid brought on Timothy Burke aka, Bubbaprog, as their in house video jockey. Definitely a smart move as he was quickly able to upload and post videos of both the Pirates and Braves reactions to a brutally bad call.

Pirates broadcast – Anguish and Outrage


Braves broadcast- Guilt and Bewilderment


It’s definitely interesting to see the reaction in both broadcasts booths. It was a bad call that was only compounded by the fact it ended the game, was in an extra innings classic, and that Pirates fandom is at it’s heighest point since the Clinton administration.

Enter this as exhibit 86,329 of why MLB should stop being stubborn and implement instant replay. 

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