It’s Friday, so it’s time for the best snafus of the week!  We start with the US Women’s National team that won our hearts this summer.  One of the leading stars was striker Abby Wambach.  With the US women back in action in a friendly against Canada, Wambach took her heroics to the next level.  Somehow, she managed to score “both goals” in a 3-0 victory.  That’s math logic that would make Pam Ward proud.  Thanks to Stupid Sideline Reporters for sending it in…

It hasn’t been a great season for the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning’s neck injury has led to the team starting 0-3.  They’ve gone from being talked about every week at the top of every show to being a mere afterthought, like the Bengals or the Jaguars.  ESPN doesn’t even feel the need to get their logo right anymore…


Darren Rovell tweeted the following two snafus from the college football weekend.  See if you can spot what may be amiss here in “Sunday’s Headlines.”


And finally, Fox hasn’t had the best history with college football, so perhaps the source here isn’t necessarily a surprise.  Fans in Virginia likely won’t take too kindly to this snafu, which combines Virginia Tech and Virginia into one mythical program.  I wonder if the Virginia Tech Cavaliers would combine Virginia Tech’s ability to lose big games with Virginia’s ability to lose almost every game… geez, that’s a little harsh, isn’t it?  Virginia did beat Indiana this year after all!


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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