Tigers’ announcers Mario Impemba and Rod Allen were talking about Rod Allen’s favorite minor league town to play in (Mario asked him about it) and Rod’s reply was Buffalo, New York. As if that wasn’t eyebrow raising enough, (around the 50 second mark) Rod said it was due to the show the GM would put on for the fans and players, which would include people dancing on the dugouts, “midgets,” “giants,” and then delicious chicken wings. Mario Impemba laughed. (shoddy HD iPhone video below, and nevermind my fantasy player updates on MLB.tv):

Of course, because we’re all material girl PC guys living in a material world PC world, Allen caught some flak for saying “midget” instead of little people or vertically challenged people. Personally, I think his comment, like his “rice and beans” comment earlier this summer, is innocent, but what do I know – I’m a Pollack. Nonetheless, he apologized for it the next half inning: 

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