We are all still trying to cope with the news that Gus Johnson is leaving CBS Sports and thus, will not be announcing NCAA Tournament games for the foreseeable future.  We sought your reaction on Twitter and here were the responses to the news.  From the flood of responses we received, it’s clear that most fans are mourning the day that Rise and Fire died.  Yes, Gus may go to Fox or somewhere else, but the marriage of Gus Johnson and the NCAA Tournament was announcing perfection.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

“March Madness died today” –#GusJohnsonReactions
 Tears are still flowing as friend looks on shouting: WITH THE TISSUUUUUUUE… OOOH! 
Can we hope he doesn’t do MMA again? 
 No Gus Johnson? Who’s going to try to convince us now that Chiefs – Bills games are exciting? 
hopefully Gus Johnson and Petros papadakis will be the announcing team for the PAC 12 on fox this coming season 
 gus’s intensity and enthusiasm for the game is unbridled and cannot be matched… Noone could excite fans like he could 
 – “Ohhh That offer was low! I’m heading to ESPN. CBS…IS…OUT!”

it is CBS’s loss but it deprives us of a true joy of The madness 
 Very saddened. He was the only great announcer on CBS aside from Kevin Harlan. March Madness just won’t be as fun. 
 It’s extremely sad as a sports fan to hear Gus has left CBS. March Madness won’t be the same next year. TNT should hire him 
Andy Pollard  there were 2 guarantees at CBS sports…1) Gus would make any game exciting. 2) Jim Nantz will have a stupid pun @ the end
 I want to know what CBS thinks of the fact that the near-unanimous response to this is that they’re making a huge mistake.
 Gus is the ONLY play by play guy I would tune in for, regardless of the matchup
 My reaction to the Gus Johnson news is GOOD RIDDANCE!!! I grew up listening to Red Barber, Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Marty Glickman, Mel Allen. They didn’t need to scream like a lunatic for no reason at routine plays. Johnson’s a joke

 NOOOO! He’s the Marv Albert of NCAA basketball.
 Gus had a feel for the moment. No announcer right now can take the game…elevate it and make you feel for both teams.
 CBS loses by far their best announcer. I can’t even fathom why they would let him get away
 March Madness became March Saneness
 sad day for those who love march madness hopefully if gus goes to fox he will be their number 1 or 2 on some sports
 CBS blew it not bringing him back now FOX or ESPN can get him; huge loss for the Tiffany Network
 it’s not all bad news, GJ is a very hot commodity and there’s lots of Gus goodness to come – including BW3 commercials.

And, from our Facebook page… 

Rob Caplan worst news of the year announcing-wise. gus always brought the passion and energy to march madness and when he called his selected nfl games. its a shame that a contractual deal couldn’t happen for gus and i wish him the best on the big 10 network and even shotime boxing and his next job if he calls college football or any kind of football.

Memo Caldera Gus Johnson leaving March Madness may be the end of college basketball. He was one of about three reasons why I even watched it to begin with. Also, who is Steve Tasker going to be with? Those two were Peanut Butter and Jam!

Chaz Bryant Shocking but I have a feeling he’ll show up at Fox. I like how CBS presents sports, but he wasn’t going anywhere at CBS with Nantz. I think he can easy be #2 at Fox for the NFL but they’ll place him at #3, but when they start their college football coverage IMO I would make him #1 games on big Fox and FX, plus lead on college b-ball on FX.

Gus Johnson may be done at CBS, but he instantly becomes the LeBron James of announcing free agents.  Let’s only hope he hosts his own Decision program to tell the world where his next move will be.

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