I pride myself on being an international sports fan and having an appreciation for sports like Aussie Rules Football.  There’s something satisfying about being one of the few American sports fans that knows what exactly happens in this sport.  You’ve probably seen highlights somewhere of Aussie Rules and the Championship game (Grand Final) last year was televised on ESPN2 and ended in an epic draw (Collingwood beat St. Kilda in the replay a week later).  ESPN3.com broadcasts games every week as well.

That leads us to the weirdest man you’ll ever see on a sports show.  The picture and video below come from Australia and The Footy Show.  The best way to describe The Footy Show is like a more risque version of Inside the NBA.  In fact, it’s probably more entertaining than 95% of the same ol’ studio shows we’re used to.  The star of the show is ex-Geelong player and Hall of Famer Sam Newman.  Sam constantly pushes the boundaries and segments like Sam’s Mailbag and Street Talk are hilarious… if you’re willing to learn some Aussie lingo along the way and get used to the accents.

So as I was watching The Footy Show uploads on Youtube to get ready for the upcoming playoffs this week, I came across this man in white who was being hyped for a Street Talk appearance.  What could be so weird about this minature Aussie version of Tank Abbott?  Well, the multiple choice certainly peaked my interest…

By the way, “agates” are evidently slang for testicles.  Nice to know.  Needless to say, the video didn’t disappoint.  Pay attention because the relative clip is only about ten seconds long.  Then jump ahead to the 7:55 mark for the really weird part.  This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen on a sports show anywhere around the world…


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