Unfortunately, our European basketball correspondent at Bloguin never answered my relentless Facebook messages, Tweets, and telegrams… so I don’t have too many details about this video below.  All I know is that it blew up over the blogosphere (with AA’s Matt Clapp at Sharapova’s Thigh) and Twitter (via Simmons & Chad Ford) and it is one of the most amazing basketball videos I’ve ever seen.  Real Madrid and Unicaja Malaga trade amazing clutch shots in the last minute all the way down to the final buzzer.  This is like last year’s Xavier-K State game kicked up several notches, and it’s only helped by someone who may in fact be the Spanish Gus Johnson.  Disfrutar de las imagenes sorprendentes!!  (Yes, I just used Google translator for that!)

Our own Mike Vitiello, who evidently speaks more Spanish than I do, says the commentator shouts, “Tell me I’m not dreaming” at the end among other great phrases.  I love it.  Combine that use of language with absolutely losing your voice in excitement and you’ve got one of the best announcing clips of the year.  The only thing that could have made this video better was for our Spanish friend to shout ONIONS!

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