The First Round of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament rolls on through the weekend.  Here’s the results from yesterday as Pierre McGuire pulled off the first comeback of the tournament thanks to a hockey crowd that wants to honor his awfulness.

Pierre McGuire d. Reggie Miller 57.62% – 42.38%
Chris Berman d. Erik Kuselias 76.83% – 23.17%

It’s appropriate that this matchup takes place on a Saturday, because it features two of the most notorious announcers in college football.  ESPN’s college football (and basketball and baseball) play by play man Mike Patrick squares off against ESPN college football analyst “Senator” Craig James.  In fact, these two have even worked together on broadcasts!  However, only one can go on in the tournament, and it’s up to you to decide!

Mike Patrick vs Craig James


Mike Patrick

Fact File: ESPN play by play man announces the College World Series, Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, college football, and college basketball

Why He’s Here: Patrick has been on ESPN’s airwaves for quite a long time and has worn viewers down.  His voice always seems to give out in the big moments (perhaps due to many years smoking) and his commentary leaves a lot to be desired.  His partnerships in the booth haven’t helped Patrick either, notably working with Dick Vitale and Joe Theismann amongst others through the years.  Oh, and then there’s Britney!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


What is Britney doing with her life?
Mike Patrick’s Plaxidential Brain Fart
Mike Patrick, stubborn mispronouncer
Story time with Mike Patrick

Craig James

Fact File: ESPN college football game and studio analyst

Why He’s Here: James became an integral part of one of college football’s biggest stories when his son Adam’s allegations of being locked in a closet led to Mike Leach’s firing at Texas Tech.  This led to an awkward series of revelations made by Leach about Craig’s meddling in his program, lawsuits, and other developments.  ESPN was put in the position of having one of their analysts be an integral part of the controversy.  How did Craig James respond?  Well, rumor has it he wants to be a Senator of course.


Craig James Wants You To Help Texans Help Save America
Announcer working Alamo Bowl gets Alamo Bowl coach suspended
Craig James running to the Senate
Craig James loses it


Craig James d. Mike Patrick 75.17% – 24.83%