If you didn’t know before, you have to know now — Rangers’ 25-year-old lefty Derek Holland doesn’t take himself too seriously. I mean, just look at that mess on his upper lip:


Well, after pitching a gem in Game 4, Holland didn’t waste away Game 5 biting his finger nails, nervously rocking back and forth in the corner of the dugout or getting wasted in the clubhouse. No, he used that time to work on his Harry Caray and Governator impressions. First, here’s his Arnold:

Not bad, but a“milk is for babies” reference would’ve gone a long way with me. Here’s Holland’s Harry Caray:

Derek Holland’s Caray impression was actually much better in this interview with Ian Kinsler, but to be fair it has to be hard for a player to be put on the spot like that on national television during the World Series when people are undoubtedly judging (look at the baby, look at the baby). Credit to Holland for keeping everybody loose during a tense time. Is there any doubt that Holland would eat himself if he was a hot dog and he was starving?

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