Screencap of Musberger from last night’s episode. Don’t ask….

If there is one announcer who had a chance of rendering me starstruck in person, I’d definitely give the nod to Brent Musburger. With that in mind, I’ve been impatiently awaiting his cameo appearance on a show I’ve never watched an entire episode of, Happy Endings.

The juice was certainly worth the squeeze as Musburger had three scenes, one of which features him recalling his infamous Doug Flutie Hail Mary touchdown call. Below is the video (and we promise to switch in the Hulu version when it becomes available).

I love how the scene ends with a kiss and the words “Don’t ever change, Brent Musburger.”

Given the Flutie Hail Mary occurred while I was still in diapers, for a second I thought it was just a verbatim call. However, watching the original (below), the Happy Endings play by play is a bit tweaked but still in the same spirit as the original.

What other Musburger cameo magic did you miss outside of that one scene?

– Musburger and the mask at the top of the post.

– A joke about a Mus Burger menu item (loved it!)

– An odd duck-quacking moment.

That’s really about it, but all in all I was entertained and there was almost a unanimous reaction on Twitter as almost all tweets were something positive about the apperance. 

On a totally random note, I just realized how old Musburger is. Recently I heard on Jimmy Traina’s podcast that both Jimmy and Jason McIntyre were impressed with how Musburger was still doing spirited play by play at a very high level. I believe the quote was something similar to “Nothing has really come off of his fastball as he’s aged.”

I agreed but thought “Well, he’s not that old.” 

I would have guessed he was somewhere in his 60s but turns out he’s 72 which is mighty impressive considering in a recent poll of our readers, Musburger and his partner, Herbstreit, were selected by a wide margin as the best college football announcing pair. Musburger is actually a year older than Verne Lundquist, which I found to be a bit of a surprise as well.

TV cameos, announcing the biggest college games, and being in a three person entourage with Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit. Not bad for an old man right? Okay, maybe I am starstruck…..whatever. 

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