As you know, Arian Foster hurt his hamstring last weekend, aggravating a prior hammy injury. Foster then created a stir by calling the people who were only concerned about their fantasy football teams ‘sick,’ and subsequently getting into a back and forth with everyone’s least favorite boob

Well, Foster stirred the stir yesterday by tweeting the MRI of said hamstring injury. While Foster is adamant that he’ll be back by Week 1, the MRI he tweeted paints a different picture. ESPN’s medical expert suggests it’s a Grade 1 or 2 tear and he could miss 3-4 weeks. (Woah, that just hit me. Hold on, I need to go adjust my fantasy team.) 

Foster defended his decision to tweet the MRI by following it up with,”If I had a ‘significant injury’ why post it? I’ll be fine, it was jus meant to make fun of the whole situation. Humor is lost nowadays.” People are sick.

Of course, the other issue is that Foster revealed some highly intimate information that NFL teams typically hold very close to the chest. Tedy Bruschi was on that one blockhead’s radio show yesterday and expressed just how up in arms he is over Foster’s MRI tweet:

Seriously, how genius would it have been if Foster actually tweeted an MRI image of our hammy from the other night? I know, it clearly says Arian Foster and 8/28 on the image, but man, talk about tweeting to win the game — that’d be the very definition.

Anyway, since it is against Texans’ policy to openly discuss their team’s injury updates, the Texans are handling Foster’s tweet internally and we’ll undoubtedly hear more talk about how the NFL should do something about its darned Twitter policy.

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