I was going to pass on this item because I reported on it back in May, but the World is apparently now learning about FOX and Joe Buck’s penchant for using U.S. Marshals as escorts to and from ballparks. In May, Baseball was the only Sport that FOX used the trips for, but now The Smoking Gun is reporting that Buck and Troy Aikman were given multiple rides for NFL games….

JANUARY 12– A federal government lawyer who moonlighted as a statistician for Fox Sports improperly arranged for United States Marshals Service (USMS) deputies to drive broadcasters Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to the 2008 Super Bowl and lead motorcades for Buck and Tim McCarver during the 2007 World Series, according to a blistering report by the Department of Justice’s inspector general. Lawyer Joseph Band, who works in the USMS’s Office of General Counsel, violated government ethics rules by arranging the transportation by armed federal marshals, according to the January 9 IG report, excerpts of which you’ll find below.

In October 2007, Band improperly arranged for USMS escorts from Fenway Park for McCarver and Buck after Games 1 and 2 of the World Series. In January 2008, Band set up a USMS escort to the Tampa airport for Aikman and Buck after the sportscasters called an NFL playoff game. And, on the morning of the 2008 Super Bowl in Arizona, the attorney also arranged for a USMS deputy to pick up Aikman and Buck at their hotel and drive the pair to University of Phoenix Stadium. After the game, a deputy drove Aikman to his hotel and escorted Buck to the airport. While federal prosecutors declined to press criminal charges against the 68-year-old Band, the IG’s findings have been provided to USMS brass for “appropriate action.” In an IG interview, the marshal who chauffeured Aikman and Buck at the Super Bowl recalled telling a colleague afterwards that he thought “the whole thing was silly” and “an inappropriate use of his time.” Usually, federal marshals hunt fugitives, guard federal judges, courts, and protected witnesses, and transport prisoners.

Again, this is an old item, but it’s still pretty damn ridiculous. I understand traffic around events can get insane, but to be that much of a diva that you need to call in U.S. Marshals is just unbelievable. The best part of the whole story though is that a few of the Marshals were even invited to watch the World Series game from the booth. I mean if they’re going to waste their time, at least they got something out of it.

If you feel like reading a bunch of jargon, then head over to TSG. They have a seven page report on the case.

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