Trent Green recently retired, and while he seems to still seems to be getting used to life without Football, the former NFL qb might have found a new career. Green is filling in for the vacationing Peter King, and decided to write about Mike Vick, the NFL schedule, Brett Favre….and of course….the “10 things he thinks he thinks”. Here are some highlights….

2) I think I’m going crazy because I feel like we’ve been talking about Brett Favre and his retirement since the new millennium. You want to play, Brett? I hope you do. I’ve always enjoyed watching you play. But please decide by the start of training camp.

6) I think, actually I know, that Mark Brunell is the last quarterback standing from the 1993 draft class. He’s outlasted Drew Bledsoe (No. 1 overall), Rick Mirer (No. 2), Billy Joe Hobert (No. 58), Gino Toretta (No. 192), Alex Van Pelt (No. 216), Elvis Grbac (No. 219) and me (No. 222). Keep going, Mark! I’ll be pulling for you.

8) I think that brings me to ticket prices. Where are the family seats at most stadiums now? Teams need to realize they are pricing out a huge part of their fan base. DirecTV is great and watching games in high definition is amazing. But absolutely nothing can beat watching a game live. The atmosphere, the grill smells, the people all dressed in team apparel, the elements, the live sound of a good tackle, 80,000 people all cheering at the same time — you can’t replicate the experience. I’d like to see all owners set aside a few sections for reasonably-priced seating so parents can afford to take their kids.

10) I think I hope Peter King has a great vacation. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

Okay that last one was a bit cheesy, but I think Trent Green may have a future in the writing business. Apparently those concussions haven’t had THAT much of a lasting affect on him. In fact, Peter King may have just been Wally Pipp’d! Oh and who knew Mark Brunell was still in the League? That my friends is insight!!!

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