I made the mistake of “Billy Packering” the Magic after a terrible first quarter, but it was for a good cause. Lebron finally figured out that he needed to drive to the basket, and in his deciding to do so, opened up the floor for his teammates. So much so, that he was a part of almost every basket for the Cavs in the 4th (A point or assist on 32 straight points is just ridiculous). Here are your highlights from the end of the game….


So that was pretty a pretty entertaining Game Five, but the Magic still have the upperhand and none of the pressure. On a side note, I loved that section of the vid where Reggie couldn’t get a single person’s name right in the crowd (Hi A-Rod!!!). Who is this Mario Rivaro you speak of? At least he wasn’t the only person on TNT’s crew who couldn’t figure out exactly who Ben Roethlisberger was. Via Sparty and Friends….

TNT Knows Their Quarterbacks! (Sparty and Friends)

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