(posted by One More Dying Quail)

The midday host on WEEI today, Bobby something, raised a question today, you know, just for the sake of conversation:

When is it okay to boo David Ortiz?

One caller said that he and a few of his friends had paid $85 for tickets to the game today and had already figured out some stuff to yell in Ortiz’s direction. Another said that the mere thought of booing Big Papi at this point in the season was “classless”. Others pointed to his weight as a reason why he should not be given a free pass if his struggles continue.

Here’s my answer to the same question: never. Red Sox fans should never boo David Ortiz, especially after just 11 (admittedly mediocre) games, and if I need to run down the reasons why, you’re not much of a Red Sox fan at all.