I’ve been meaning to do this all season long, but we finally got enough quotes to actually make it worth the effort. Before we get in to all of Sunday’s worst, we need to listen to Dan Fouts praise Wes Welker. Via The Critical Fanatic….


“It’s kind of a combination if you add Wes Welker to that dick.”- Dan Fouts

Well then. You may want to add Welker to your dick, Dan….but I think the rest of us will pass. Here’s the rest of your Sunday in quotes….

“He goes from Ocho Zero to the first catch of the day.”- Jim Nantz
“What did you just say?”- Phil Simms

“With that fried alligator you need about six Johnnie Walkers. But that’s for another day.” – Al Michaels

“These days David Carr is known as the human victory cigar.” – Curt Mennefee

“You know, if they do another Iron Man, which was a great movie, forget Robert Downey Jr. Get Ben Roethlisberger to do it.” – Al Michaels

“The peripatetic Gus Johnson.” – James Brown, finishing an update during SD-Miami
“Hahahaha.” – Gus Johnson
“What? Should you be insulted?” – Steve Tasker
“I don’t know what he meant. He went to Harvard, man.” – Gus Johnson

“There’s nothing sadder than someone losing their sole.”- Greg Gumbel after Joseph Addai lost his shoe

“There are a lot of Terrible Towels here.” – John Madden
“There are a lot of Jaguars fans crying in their towels.” – Al Michaels

“Usually a ball hitting the player in the chest is a pretty good spot.”- Troy Aikman
“So says the bitter ex-QB.”- Joe Buck

“Steve, you’ve been a Pro-Bowler 7 or 8 times, but you’ve also had 7 or 8 concussions, so you’re allowed to have a brain freeze.” – Gus Johnson to Steve Tasker

“Michael Griffin ran it like a text book.”- Solomon Wilcots

And my personal favorite….

“They will have a heck of an arsenary.”- Troy Aikman

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