Ryan Wilson at Fanhouse has by far found the video of the year. What do you get when you mix John Daly, a tall Budweiser full of beer, Kid Rock in overalls, and a group of rowdy fans? You get Daly teeing up a ball on the beer can and the drive of a lifetime….

How awesome was that? And the fan yelling, “SHOTGUN IT! WHOOOO!!!”, is my hero. What’s even better than the video are Daly’s comments to the AP after the round…

Daly and his friend, Kid Rock, tried to make up for the lack of star power during the pro-am.

A crowd followed the common-man pro and rock star—sporting big overalls and a white T-shirt—during their round, which included Daly hitting a ball off Rock’s beer can.

“I love it rowdy, so it’s a perfect place for me,” Daly said.

It’s times like these when I turn to one of the best movies ever made for a quote. Via the “Stoned Age”.

“Hey man, these aint talls!!”- Mike
“No f**kin s**t damn hankey, get us some talls!!”- Tack

John Daly Hits Golf Ball Off Kid Rock’s Beer Can During Pro-Am, Somehow Misses Cut (Fanhouse)

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