I know a lot of you don’t even get the NFL Network, and probably missed the wild end of the Jets-Pats game, so here are your highlights. The Jets had a 3rd and 2, with the chance to end the game, and the ran to the left for just a yard. With no timeouts and a little over a minute on the clock the Pats moved down the field, and Matt Cassel hit Randy Moss on a 4th and the game to send it to overtime.

After that score, I thought this one was over and the Pats were going to win the toss and run down the field. Favre had something else in mind and he picked the NE defense apart, complete with a huge 3rd and 15 pass to rookie Dustin Keller, on the way to a Jay Feely attempt to win it….

I tell every Pats fan I know that they are the luckiest team on the face of the earth (see last week Bills game), but that was just “never give up” Football right there. 1st place in the AFC East was on the line and both teams seemed to want it as much as the other. The Jets took the top spot tonight, but that division isn’t ending without a fight. God I love the NFL.