Well, what everyone speculated beforehand about the potential ratings disaster of a Rays-Phils Series, is starting to come true. While the numbers weren’t quite as bad as the lowest all-time (2006 Cardinals-Tigers), the viewers for Game One were down 12.7% from last year’s 13-1 Red Sox blowout win over the Rockies. Via Sports Business Daily….

Fox earned a 10.3/17 overnight Nielsen rating for Game One of the Phillies-Rays World Series last night from 8:30pm-12:00am ET, down 12.7% from an 11.8/19 overnight for Rockies-Red Sox Game One last year, which also aired on a Wednesday night. The 10.3 is up 19.8% from an 8.6/15 overnight for the Saturday night Cardinals-Tigers Game One in ’06. The game and pregame combined to average a 9.9/16 in primetime and gave Fox the win for the night among all nets. CBS earned a 7.9/12, followed by ABC (4.7/7) and NBC (4.1/6). Last night’s 9.9/16 in primetime also gave Fox its best night of primetime on any night since the MLB All-Star Game on July 15. Philadelphia topped all markets with a 35.7/53 and Tampa-St. Petersburg was second, posting a 31.9/49.

Wow….that’s a lot of numbers there. I think the overall sense is that the numbers, while bad, aren’t all THAT bad. Plus it was a competitive/close game and I’m sure most people who watched it thought it to be enjoyable. Now if the Phillies blow out the Rays in Game Two tonight, the sentiment might be a little different tomorrow. We shall see though.

Fox Earns 10.3/17 Overnight Rating For Phillies-Rays Game One (Sports Business Daily – $)