Okay are you ready? Here’s who they’re throwing at you starting at 11am:

Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, Emmitt Smith, Chris Mortensen, Don Shula, Mercury Morris, Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Steve Young, Sal Paolantonio and Ed Werder.

So that’s a ton of peop….wait there’s more? No way….Bill Walton, Jason Krause, Jeremy Schapp, Kenny Mayne, Greg Garber, Rachel Nichols, and last but certainly not least….. and Mike Krzyzewski (I kid you not). Whew. Okay now that we’ve got that covered what will they be covering? They decided to ignore my request for an “All Emmitt Hour” and went with the some of the features below (complete with schedule!).

-Opening Tease: The Last Step to Perfection? (11 a.m. ET) (Coach K, Bill Walton, and Don Shula)
-Takin’ It to the House with Jason Krause: Super Bowl Week (11:30 a.m.)
-Belichick & Navy Effect (12 p.m.) (Jeremey Schapp on the Pats Coach growing up with Navy Football)
-Mayne Event: Sopranos’ Revenge? (12 p.m.)
-Patriots Offensive Line Shares Bond with Beards (12:30 p.m.)
-A Lieutenant’s Message to the Giants (12:30 p.m.) (A real life Lieutenant speaks to the Giants)
-Don Shula and Mercury Morris of the 1972 Dolphins on Set (1 p.m.)
-Eli Manning & Family (1 p.m.)
-Tom Brady’s Rise to Superstar Quarterback (1:30 p.m.)

But wait…..THERE’S MORE! My two favorite highlights of the show are below….

1. “The Countdown crew will give their Super Bowl picks via special delivery from the Arizona Pony Express during the same weekend the city of Scottsdale commemorates the Express with a statue near ESPN’s set location in Arizona.”

2. “Popular ATO Records artists Rodrigo y Gabriela, the fast-fingered, acoustic heavy metal duo from Mexico via Dublin, will highlight the Southwest flavor of this week’s special edition of Countdown through exclusive video segments which will air throughout the show.”

This is going to be a tour-de-force of awfulness. I hope you can be there with me starting at 11am sharp folks! And who the hell are Rodrigo and Gabriela? Anyone???

Oh okay.

(Source: ESPN PR)

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