On The DL has been doing the Lord’s work for quite some time now, but this could be DL and Co.’s greatest interview yet. Levy talked with Chicago columnist Rick Telander yesterday and naturally, the subject of his war with Jay Mariotti came up. Not only did it come up, but the latest story is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard….

“I was taking a sauna, which I do like once every ten years, and who walks in but Jay Mariotti. I swear to God. If God is my savior, if he is (he probably doesn’t want to save me, but) there he was. He almost freaked out. There were other people in the sauna. I probably shouldn’t even go on about this, but it was an hour ago. It was one hour ago, and he just started babbling.

I don’t think it’s fair for me…I’m telling you so much…it’s just surreal. I think if my eyes don’t deceive me, if he’d seen the Yeti or…Michael Myers sitting there, I don’t know, it would have been about the same. But you’d have to ask him that.

The first thing out of his mouth, ‘well, let’s just bury the hatchet.’ I had not said a word. Hatchets or anything – I didn’t have a hatchet in hand. Nothing.”

It’s amazing what can transpire when two guys are naked in a sauna. That’s pretty much the only place that Telander wouldn’t have punched him in the face, and how funny is it that they just ran into each other like that. Of course there’s much more in the interview including Rick lacing into Mariotti’s writing style, so head over to OtDL for the rest. Mainstream Media continues to amaze me everyday.

Rick Telander Holds Nothing Back (On The DL)

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