There’s nothing better than celebrating with your entire student body after beating a #1 team. Especially when that student body is littered with signs in “support” for Erin Andrews. Here’s the end of the game and pay extra attention at the 1:15 mark….

I seriously thought that sign read “Erin Andrews Ky Time?” at first, but thanks to Deadspin, we now know it reads “Sexy”. Either way, I’m surprised that ESPN put it on camera right before her postgame interview. In fact they just showed it on Sports Center, so I’m not sure they’ve even noticed it.

As far as the game goes, it’s about time that the College Football season got interesting. So thanks for that you silly Beavers. We now need Minnesota and Mississippi to pull off upsets to complete the triumvirate.

Oregon State Fans Know How To Celebrate (Deadspin)