Usually teams use quotes from the opposite teams players and coaches, but that’s not the case with Ohio State. OSU coaches put together a DVD of all the talking heads saying bad things about them to motivate their players. Public enemy number one…Mark May….

The DVD, created by Ohio State coaches, is a 10-minute compilation of insults, attacks and put-downs of the Buckeyes that followed their disastrous 41-14 loss to Florida in last year’s BCS title game.

“I had my grandma watch it with me, and she started crying,” Boone said. “She wanted to kill somebody. She said [ESPN’s] Mark May was a liar for calling me slow.”

Asked for his favorite part, Barton employed his best sarcastic tone.

“We were excited to see the ‘PTI’ guys,” he said. “And I’m a big Mark May fan. He’s not a big fan of me, but I have his poster on the wall — Mark May in a Redskins jersey and a Pitt jersey. I remember him and Woody Paige and Skip Bayless, I’m thankful for their support.”

Barton, who joked that he would wear a Mark May throwback jersey later, said the DVD accomplished its mission. “Would it make you mad if I made a DVD of people saying how bad your newspaper article was?” Barton asked a reporter.

I don’t know how much that would motivate me, but it would definitely piss me off. I’d love to see this DVD if anyone can put it on YouTube. No not for the site….just to laugh at OSU.

Insults still sting OSU (Chicago Tribune)