One of the most well-known and respected Business magazine, Fast Company took a look into some of the work that Yahoo! has done to re-brand itself in the Sports World. The whole thing is a pretty good read but the best part is the quotes from those involved…..

The contrasts between Yahoo Sports and give it all the trappings of a classic rivalry. ESPN has only taken baby steps into the blogosphere and lags in fantasy sports, but overall has an enormous built-in advantage: It televises the games themselves, both on its nine U.S. TV networks and online. “We don’t see ourselves as simply a Web site, but as a network that goes across digital,” says ESPN’s John Kosner, senior VP and GM of digital media. “I don’t think there’s much question among sports fans who offers the best content.”

Yahoo Sports may never rival ESPN in terms of scope. But it doesn’t have to as long as it feeds the larger Yahoo effort to reinvent itself. Pitaro says he speaks to Jerry Yang regularly, and the CEO believes that sports is a bellwether of what’s possible if major categories such as news, finance, travel, and music are also category leaders. More people starting their day at Yahoo means more ads–and higher rates.

Yahoo Sports’ team is taking it one game at a time. But sometimes they can’t help but think big. “The vibe here is not timid,” Silver says. “We’re here to bust down the door and smack some people around.”

Booyah! What’s up now ESPN??? Michael Silver’s coming for your ass!!! In all seriousness I don’t really read either publication, but I think both are doing a great job of increasing their viewers. By the time ESPN realizes how to market their online game offerings though it could be a blowout.

All things considered it’s pretty amazing the reversal of fortune that Yahoo! has achieved, and like I always say….more sources are better than just one.

Yahoo’s Rally Cry (Fast Company)