There is a widespread problem in announcing booths during Football games this year, and that’s announcers calling for the oh-so-clever “fourth down spike” at the end of games. It’s already been seen from the likes of Pam Ward, and more recently Andre Ware also made the gaffe.

Now it seems that NFL announcers are slipping up as well. Well just one announcer in, Jim Nantz. During the final drive of the game, Ben Roethlisberger was leading the Steelers down the field when a penalty and a sack, caused the Steelers to use their final timeout to setup a play for a 3rd and 21 play with :28 left on the clock. The next play was a dump over the middle to Mewelde Moore and the running back just wouldn’t go down, so they could get barely get the 4th down play off as time ran out. As the Steelers were running up to the line Nantz and partner Phil Simms had this hilarious exchange….

The part that cracked me up so much was Phil Simms losing his mind as Nantz begged for a spike on 4th down, even after the analyst said what the down was out loud. I know it’s a simple mistake, but it’s been happening a heck of a lot in Football as of late. If Jim Nantz is getting the “4th Down Spike” jitters… could be contagious and much worse than we thought!

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