So Dana Jacobson wasn’t on First Take this morning, and obviously the first thing on my mind was that she got suspended. I have no evidence that she was or wasn’t but some of the commenters are speculating this as well…..

Mr.Rudecool Post #2: 1:00 pm

Was she on First Take today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Anyone

Dont eff with Jesus! Oh yeah!

NatecoreUGA Post #3: 1:00 pm

nope…has ESPN come out and said anything about her “outburst”….

bmartin70240 Post #4: 1:00 pm

I didn’t see her.

CycleFlip Post #5: 1:10 pm

Maybe she’s still hungover…….

Ms. Jacobson did work most of the holiday season as we documented, so she could have a day or two off. If she did say some of the things that are being rumored (F-Notre Dame, F-Touchdown Jesus, F-Jesus) then she should have been suspended (even though she probably should be fired).

If anyone wants to shed some light you know where to find me.

Dana Jacobson (ESPNU Chat)

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