It was well documented how dreadful Paulus‘ flopping was against FSU, but his antics were nothing compared to Deron Washington’s show last night. In a game against Duke the Virginia Tech Forward proceeded to flop, trip players, try to get into the Duke huddle, start a fight with Paulus, AND undercut Demarcus Nelson on a dunk attempt.

Here’s the video…..

It’s one thing to flop and look like a complete idiot (*ahem* Paulus) but actually trying to injure people during a game is unforgivable. That undercut of Nelson was premeditated and dirty as hell. Washington should be suspended for at least a game if not more.

It’s a shame because he’s a talented player that just let’s his frustration get the better of him.

Va Tech-Duke: Deron Washington Plays Dirty (Fanhouse)