If you watched any of the 23-hour College Hoops Marathon on ESPN, you were probably bored through most of the day long extravaganza. It’s great that College Basketball is back, but most of the games were blowouts. That was until late last night when Arizona and UAB battled down to the wire and had one of the most bizarre endings you will ever see. College Hoops Journal has the story and the video….

Then, with the score 71-69 after Arizona’s Garland Junkins missed a free throw, Arizona’s Kyle Fogg scrapped up the loose ball and put it in the hoop, tying the game at 71 with :30 seconds remaining. Fogg, not thinking because he was probably told in the timeout before the free throw to foul by the coaches (thinking they’d be down by one or two after the free throw), fouled UAB’s Aaron Johnson….

….So Johnson misses his one-and-one attempt. Jordan Hill grabs the rebound. Arizona calls timeout, sets up a play, and puts it in the hands of Nic Wise. Wise’s shot clanks off the rim with about three seconds to go and UAB’s Paul Delaney (the THIRD) gets the rebound. That’s when Jamelle Horne completely forgets how to play the game of basketball, ignores the fact that the game is tied at 71 and lunges for Delaney III, causing the refs to call an intention foul on Horne, giving UAB two shots and the ball.


That was just flat out wild. I can understand the first foul being a mental error, but how does someone commit a second one like that? Just crazy.

Arizona’s Jamelle Horne Commits Perhaps the Dumbest Foul in the History of College Basketball (College Hoops Journal)