It was Plaschke calling out Pierce for overacting his knee injury last week and today it’s TJ Simers who has words for Curt Schilling. Schilling wrote a very interesting piece on Kobe after watching the L.A. guard courtside and Simers decided to calmly disagree. Just kidding, he called him a “jerk of all trades” and “gutless”….

Curt Schilling is gutless.

He sits courtside in Boston for Game 2, eavesdropping on the Lakers’ bench — and how would he like someone listening to what they have to say in the Red Sox dugout, and then makes it appear on his blog, “38 Pitches,” that Kobe Bryant is some kind of jerk who berates his teammates.

But whatever, there’s no bigger sissy than a hit-and-run blogger.

If Schilling has got something to write, let’s see him come to Los Angeles, stand outside the Lakers’ locker room and get cussed out by Vanessa Bryant like every other blogger. Talk about bloody socks.

He writes nice things about Kevin Garnett, which makes you wonder who gave him the courtside tickets, and also writes that he “saw a seven-footer (Pau Gasol) who grabbed like four rebounds and spent the entire game whining about getting fouled.”

OK, so everything he wrote wasn’t off base.

TJ doesn’t really debate anything that Schilling says in the article and even agrees with what the pitcher said more than once. I agree that Kobe doesn’t need any motivation (as evidenced by his work last night), but this article reads like a crappy defense of your best friend rather than a journalistic piece. Simers also said that L.A. should put LA Pitcher Jason Schmidt courtside for games. Huh?

I understand not liking Schilling but this whole piece was just a collection of opinions and random thoughts. Kinda like a blog about your favorite team and player! But a blogger would have called Schilling a “douchebag” TJ, not something weak like “jerk”. You’re getting close though.

I know Boston writers aren’t the moral compass of journalists, but could you whine maybe just a little bit less L.A.?

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