Last Saturday on Gameday the team aired a video of Steve Spurrier calling out Lee Corso for stating that the Ball Coach would never win an SEC title if he coached there for 400 years. The video (below) was kind of cheesy and seemed more like a fund-raising tool, but you could tell Corso was a bit ticked off. He didn’t even smile after Herbstreit gave him his pateneted pat on the back.

Well USC has upped the ante. They’ve created a website that features the video and a game where you can throw footballs at Corso’s head, and the Gameday Crew isn’t too happy about it.

“I don’t speak for what that would mean for the likelihood of ‘GameDay’ coming there [USC]. But I can tell you it doesn’t increase the chances,” Fowler said. “If South Carolina continues to win games, it will always be on the radar for game shows. But it would be a consideration, to go somewhere the show has been targeted.”

Don’t you think they might be getting bent out of shape over nothing? If Desmond Howard can go on location to Columbus I think Corso can suck it up and head to USC if they contend for the SEC Championship this year (which they won’t).

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