I don’t know how many games TBS is covering for the Playoffs, but they seem to be hiring a ton of people for their coverage this October. They already had Cal Ripken (pregame) and Tony Gwynn, Chip Caray, and Joe Simpson (not Jessica’s father) on the roster, and now they’ve rounded out their expansion draft with five more broadcasters.

Don Orsillo (told you about this last week)
Steve Stone
Bob Brenly
Ted Robinson

….and last but not least……

Dick Stockton!

The only pairing that TBS has released is Tony Gwynn and Chip Caray, but I’m telling TBS right now…..make it Stockton and Orsillo, Simpson and Stone, and Robinson and Brenley. I completely botched those pairings……Stockton and Orsillo are PbPers so that wouldn’t even work. Since we believe in 2nd chances here at AA let’s try that again…..

Caray/Gwynn, Orsillo/Stone, Stockton/Brenly (great team), Robinson/Simpson

P.S.- Skip Caray was more than likely going to be involved with the TBS Playoffs as well, but he was in the hospital for a few weeks with congestive heart failure. He is just now getting back in the Braves booth, and AA wishes all the best to him and his family and hopes for a speedy recovery.

TBS Take A Step In The Right Direction (Awful Announcing)

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