So the results are in, and in case you care there were a grand total of 3 National Writers/Talking Heads that chose the Bears to make it to the Super Bowl. Those writers were Tom Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News, Katherine Smith of the Tampa Tribune, and FOX Sports’ Brian Balldinger.

Here are the results from the rest of the major publications and other notables (ESPN idiots)…..

Athlon Colts-Panthers
ESPN The Mag Dolphins-Bears
Pro Football Weekly Panthers- Colts
Sporting News Steelers-Panthers (Umm, how did that work out for you?)
Street & Smiths Panthers-Broncos
John Clayton Colts-Seahawks
Len Pasquarelli Colts-Seahawks
Michael Smith Colts-Panthers
Sal Paolantonio Colts-Panthers
Scouts Inc. Broncos-Seahawks
Merril Hoge Bengals-Cowboys (Good call there Young Hater)
Tom Jackson Colts-Panthers
Joe Theismann Colts-Panthers
Mike Golic Colts-Panthers
Sean Salisbury Colts-Panthers
Mark Schlereth Patriots-Panthers
Awful Announcing Redskins-Redskins (Actually I picked the Colts and Seahawks….had the Bears losing to the ‘Hawks in the Conference Championship)

Seriously ESPN…..could we get some variety here. Do you all just copy each others work? Don’t answer that. Bill Simmons could not be reached for comment after a RedSox’esqe comeback to knock the Pats out of the playoffs. He will however be calling the Saint Marys-San Diego game on ESPNU tonight. If anyone gets ESPNU please email me if he cries.

(Seriously though….a free t-shirt and/or post to anyone who can send me a tape of his performance. I’ll pay all shipping and for the tape.)

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