Why the heck not right? We’re watching anyway, and some of you have already emailed me this morning with quotes. Here’s a spot for your Berman, Emmitt, and the rest of the gang’s quotes and nonsense.

Emmitt Smith just said something about Thanksgiving needing to be a National Holiday and I think my head’s going to explode. What a way to start your Sunday!

“I don’t know how Jon Kinta will be able too continue his success with his Minus 18 yards rushing yards”- Keyshawn Johnson (Via Cory)

I’m so confused….looking at Kitna’s stats he has 46 rushing yards on the season.

Emmitt has a hard hitting piece on the Ravens, which lasted 8 seconds. Do they really have to get out of their seats for this Tip Drill thing?

Sundizzle NFL Countizzle Contizzles…..

Confirmed: ESPN’s “Scream” voiceover guy is definitely white (The Sports Hernia)

Wow…how cheesy was that?

“He’s the first drafted Chiefs QB to start for the Chiefs since Todd Blackledge….Oops!”- Chris Berman on KC starting Brodie Croyle

What is oops about it? That they brought in Free Agents who were better than who they drafted, or that they’re starting Croyle???

“Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts.”- Mike Ditka

What are you even talking about?!?

“Detroit is playing the fastest defense they’ve shown in many years too.”- Chris Berman

Are we talking about the Giants or the Lions Defense?

Berman: “What quarterback is doing the most for his team?”
Tom Jackson: “Mike Vick”
(Via Steve)

Wow. Emmitt Smith just had the worst explanation for a Football question I have ever heard. He’s really just besting his own record now, but good lord. That video will be up shortly.

“The Jags have just come of a rousing win at San D…..Tennessee.”- Chris Berman

Good catch since they’re playing today and the graphic is right behind your head.

“This kinda inconsistancy play against a team like New England will get you blowed out”. – Emmitt Smith (Via Steve)

Wow….that was fun. It’s like a trainwreck….you just can’t look away.

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