Giants will kick off to the Skins to start the second half, as we await the inevitable 4th quarter comeback by the Giants that makes Eli Manning look respectable as a QB. Rock Cartwright brings it out to the 39, but there’s a flag — and it’s on the Giants, the ball will start at the New York 46. Collins hits Captain Chaos for 15 and a first down. Mike Sellers gets the next check-down pass and goes for 14 yards inside the Giants’ 20. Portis rumbles to the 5 yard line, and Al is still marveling at Sellers’ hurdle, making Edwin Moses references.

Southeast Jerome takes it to the house, 22-3. The Skins are going to try for 2. No good on the Collins pass.

John: “When do you think the fans will start leaving here tonight?”
Al: “About 10 minutes ago.”

It only took one half, but finally – FINALLY – I have wrestled control of the remote away from my wife. And oh, what a game awaits! – OMDQ

Your wife should be clamoring for the remote back. Jacobs rushes for 20 from the Giants 40, which means they’re already in Skins territory. However, on 3r down, after Shockey is hurt on the previous play, Eli gets whacked back in Giants territory. Punt #12 coming.

Another lousy Deadskins series. Punt #13, and it’s awful. Dies at the Skins 47. The Giants are driving it towards the end zone with some form of efficiency, as Eli is getting time to stand up in the pocket. Ball’s at the Skins 19, and it’s touchdown from Eli to Kevin Boss. Who the hell is Kevin Boss? Apparently he played ball at Western Oregon. 22-10, Skins, after the extra point.

There’s another direct to DVD American Pie movie? Does Eugene Levy really need the paycheck that badly?

Collins to Cooley gets it out to the Redskins 48 yard line. Cooley had the next one, and dropped it. 3rd down brings an incompletion as Collins is rushed by Osi Umenyiora, and I’m trying to figure out how that’s not intentional grounding. Punt #14 in the game, ball is downed at the Giants 17 yard line.

How does Amani Toomer drop that pass? I mean, that’s floating up there for a while for him too. Jacobs tears off another huge chunk of yardage for a first down.

When does “The Todd Collins Story” get made into a major motion picture? – NHZ

I think he has to make the playoffs first. Eli to Moss again, inside the Skins 40 — Moss brings in another one and heads to the 21.

Al: “Double covered there, Smoot and Landry.” Mentioning Fred Smoot and double coverage is inherently hilarious. That’s just how it is post Sex Boat. Another shot at Burress, and Smoot tips it away at the last second. Incomplete on 3rd down, and here comes the field goal team, as we learn Jeremy Shockey has a fractured fibula. Lawrence Tynes MISSES THE FIELD GOAL. Whoops. Not good for the boys in blue.

Those red sticks on the sidelines… those AREN’T imaginary right? Sinorice Moss can actually see them? – hamdenborn

He may be color-blind. The Redskins are stopped at midfield in their efforts to take time off the clock, as Justin Tuck makes a good tackle on 3rd and 9 on Ladell Betts. Here comes punt #14, and R.W. McQuarters returns it for not much, as a-ha provides our bump music. Odd.

Every time I see a Jared or Kay commercial, I feel a need to throw something at the TV.

I’ve seen Jeremy Shockey play without a helmet. You’re telling me a little busted bone is gonna stop him? – OMDQ

Jeremy Shockey could play a whole game without a helmet because there’s nothing in his head that he really needs to play. A broken leg, well, that’s different. The Giants are moving OK with Brandon Jacobs, but Eli isn’t having a lot of luck throwing right now, as he misses over the middle on the last play. 3rd and 1 is batted away, incomplete — but the Giants are going for it. Moss catches the 4th down pass, and gets to the 40 yard line. Steve Smith (the one from USC) catches it, but is short of the marker. Jacobs bull-rushes for the first down on the 4th.

They probably are going to have to stop throwing to Brandon Jacobs. He has no hands as a receiver, whatsoever. The 3rd down pass is too deep for Amani Toomer, and the Giants face another 4th down decision. Pass is knocked down by the defense, and the Skins will get the ball back.

Coughlin is blowing timeouts now as Portis is trying to run out the clock. The Giants are now using their last one before punt #15 in the game, as NY gets a stop on 3rd and 6. Next possession starts with Eli to Boss, then Jacobs for a few, and an incomplete bomb to Steve Smith. Jacobs busts through on 3rd and 1 for a first down. Eli’s next pass is deflected. LaRon Landry nearly picks it when Eli throws into double coverage; next pass is one-hopped to Boss. 4th and 10, and Manning turns it over on downs when throwing underneath to Burress.

Portis and Betts are getting handoffs to run clock as the two minute warning passes. Betts converts the 3rd down, and I’m gonna call it here, Skins 22, Giants 10. Thanks for joining me tonight, folks.