I wonder where that picture was actually taken. As Eli Manning hurls a deep pass that Plaxico can’t reel in, I’m stuck marveling at the genius snippet of dialogue from the Bionic Woman promo: “I’m ready to give this saving the world stuff a try.”

How do you get a delay of game penalty if you’re on the first offensive unit? And the Eagles give it right back with an offsides penalty. A tipped pass on third down, and Reno Mahe takes the punt back for not much.

Is that more Springsteen I just heard?

I don’t know about this game, but the episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition I’m watching right now is terrible. – OMDQ

Wife has the clicker and you’ve bargained on this to be able to watch the Pats on ESPN tomorrow night, right?

McNabb bombs one a bit too far for Reggie Brown after Michaels goes on a very big spiel about quarterback rating and Johnny Unitas, who didn’t have a very good one, but was, of course, one of the all-time greats. Buckhalter gets about one or two yards max. McNabb is sacked yet again, and Rocca boots another one to McQuarters, who gets to midfield.

Ah, finally, our first Bon Jovi bump! There should be a “Bump Music Request” feature for SNF. It’d get us out of the usual ruts here, although if anyone picked My Chemical Romance or Thursday, we’d have to kill them. Eli hits Toomer in the numbers, but it’s another flag on the play — fortunately for the Giants, it’s on Philly and is declined. Toomer gets another catch at the 14 on the next play, and I’m wondering just how teams think, “Well, this guy’s tearing it up; let’s not put a body on him at all.” Ward barrels to the 8 yard line through the pile.

Manning throws a beauty of a pass to the back corner and Burress pulls it in for the six. Kick is up and good, and it’s 7-0, Giants.

“The only NFC East team worth watching is the ‘Boys. BTW, How ’bout dem Cowboys! Even if we did beat up a bunch of girls…” – Dummy

You can say that for now, Dummy. It’s the NFC East. Teams will find some ways to make it close. Plus, Wade Phillips coaching a team = some fuck-up losses down the road.

J.R. Reed takes the kickoff back, but there’s another flag on the Eagles — and it’s called on Hank Baskett. Hey, wasn’t he a starting receiver last year? How much did Hank Baskett suck that Reggie Brown and James Avant overtook him?

Who here had Journeyman done in four episodes? And of course, the “star” of the show is in the crowd. Does NBC tell its stars, “Look, it’s in the contract that you have to be in the stands for at least one game we do for a camera shot”? False start on McNabb? I didn’t know that was possible.

“Wait a second, Journeyman isn’t about Steve Perry? I’m definitely not watching now.” – Oops Pow Surprise. +1 to you.

McNabb finally gets a first down by slinging it to Reno Mahe just before Osi Umenyiora can knock him into New York. Buckhalter gets one on the next play. Donovan throws one to a nameless tight end for another first down after Andrea Kremer tells us about the trash talking between Strahan and John Runyon. Strahan gets a sack, with a shot of the man he eclipses for the Giants’ team record, Lawrence Taylor, who just looks like he’s thinking about doing some drugs.

Congratulations, Mike. A sack record you didn’t need help from Brett Favre for. You should be very proud of yourself.

“Proof that I am smarter than Andy Reid:

1) Block Osi Umensomething on 3rd down, since all you ever do is pass;

2) Start giving the ball to the guy who gets 9 yards a carry more than twice per drive.

Oh holy shit, 2nd and 13, they give it to Buckhalter, first down. What a shock.” – OPS

You know, you might be on to something here. Maybe, with a 50-50 pass/run play calling scheme, you could take advantage of opponents by keeping them guessing! What a concept. Buckhalter gets stopped up a bit on this one, but he’s got 69 yards already in less than a half. McNabb calls time out.

OK, after the third “Our Country”, I’m ready to put a shoe through the TV. That’s if I wasn’t desperately broke and could replace it.

“If I hear one more person say “Lawrence Taylor redifined the linebacker position,” I’m gonna fucking kill somebody.

Yeah. Linebackers never tried to rush a quarterback before L.T. got into the NFL.

And how can Lawrence Taylor “redefine” the position, when Rickey Jackson did the same stuff in New Orleans–AND HE WAS ALSO DRAFTED IN 1981!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Anon

Being in New York and playing on good teams instead of crappy Saints teams has to have had something to do with it.

The Eagles get inside the Giant 30, but can’t do jack with it, and Akers has a 42-yard FG attempt that misses. Still 7-0, Giants.

I don’t know if someone else kind of noticed that one breast of the statue of liberty seems to be hard. – minnesotasoxfan

French designers will do anything to offend our uniquely American sense of modesty!

“I was watching him [Ward] yesterday, I think he’s got the biggest calves of any running back I’ve ever seen.” – JM

Go on, John, you know you’d like to stroke those up. And Philly gets another penalty, a personal foul face mask at the end of the run. Two-minute warning.

Wrestlemania victories:

LT: 1
Jackson: 0

End of debate. – OPS

Also, the man did enough drugs to kill at least two lesser men, or so I have read. This gives him the victory over Jackson. Also, being a better player helps LT’s rep immeasurably. Another dumb Philly penalty, and Andy Reid might be considering breaking into his son’s personal stash.

Manning converts another third down and gets it to Ward inside the Philly 20 — and Manning is promptly picked off by an Eagle linebacker. Eli gives us a bit of the slackjaw Manning Face we all know and love in response. Eagle ball in Giant territory, and of course — Philly gets a flag again. And ANOTHER false start. Andy Reid is now considering finding his elder son’s firearm collection.

Why doesn’t anyone ever claim that Lawrence Taylor redefined broadcasting?

When he broke Theismann’s leg, it forever altered the course of humanity as we know it. – OMDQ

That is the only black spot on LT’s football career, as far as I’m concerned. The series concludes with a McNabb fumble of the ball back at the Eagle 44, so they managed to perform the rare feat of losing major yardage after starting at the Giant 43 or so.

The Giants run the clock out, and they’re up 7-0 on Philly. See you for the third quarter (also: Lozo is owning me tonight.)

Strip-sack? is that a cut of beef? – Dummy

I don’t know, but you’ve made John Madden hungry.