Hey there, folks. S2N here again to provide the live-blog of tonight’s NFC showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears on Sunday night, which, as we all know is Football Night. As usual, please feel free to use this thread to snark on Costas, Olbermann, Collinsworth, Bettis, and everyone else crammed into the clusterfuck when Football Night in America begins.

My prediction: Cowboys 24, Bears 14.

Four narratives to keep track of:

1) The Sex Cannon Watch: How much talking will be done about the shakiness of Rex Grossman’s play and speculation about his replacement?
2) Fellating Tony Romo: You’ll probably need more than the two hands you have on you to keep track of the slurping.
3) T.O.: Goes without saying. Will Michaels and Madden be harping about how often Romo needs to get Terrell the damn ball?
4) Tank Johnson: Look for the Jerry Jones’ signing of the former Bear defensive end to merit at least one piece of questionable commentary. Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston have already put their foot in their respective mouths on this (shameless self-promotion, yet again.)

Heading on a food and beer run. See you in the comments and for the first quarter!