Eye candy helps keep me awake during this snorer. You’d think a 17-10 game would be a bit more riveting than this. I applaud those of you who are still with me here.

Julius Jones busts one for a huge gainer, but it’s coming back due to holding on Flozelle Adams, and we’ve heard his number called a lot on the flags tonight. Romo evades a couple of would-be sackers, and hits Witten in the numbers for another 1st down, and Al and John are once again talking about his “presence.” John has also amusingly managed to mis-pronounce “peripheral vision.”

“Urlacher says ‘I’ve had enough of this God-given stuff’ and sacks him.” – AM
“He may have said ‘God’, but not ‘given’ there.” – JM

“I would take away Terrell Owens and Jason Witten.” John Madden, master of the obvious. Charles Tillman breaks up the pass on 3rd down, so Foulk is on to kick a 40+ yarder, and it’s good. 20-10, Dallas.

OK, why did they have Start of the 4th quarter in english when the rest of the scoreboard was in spanish? – Ryan McD29

Hm. Missed that. I guess “Empieza del periodo cuatro” (I think) doesn’t fit in the CG.

This game has made me say “no mas.” – odessasteps

I understand completely, as Hester gets the ball stripped from him and he manages to get it back. That doesn’t do the Bears much good, as the Cumslinger throws it right to Anthony Henry for the second time this game, this time for a touchdown. Problem is, Henry wears a Cowboys uniform.

And we are hearing “GRIESE! GRIESE! GRIESE!” from the Bears crowd. As a Broncos fan, take it from me, Chicagoans: you really, really don’t want to go there. Extra point is good, and it’s 27-10, Dallas.

“I guarantee you something this week, folks: Grossman will get 100 times the criticism of McNabb!” – AM

Rex can’t catch a break on the ends, as Berrian drops it, and we get another shot of Brian Griese looking stone-faced. And hoo boy, it sounds like Grossman will be carrying a clipboard for some other team next year at this rate. This, as Not Purple Jesus gets a Chicago first down. Another incomplete pass from Grossman, and the guy looks a little rattled.

i just want to say that with that last grossman/mcnabb statement, it’s clear al michaels hates black people. – Lozo

I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny.

also, a promise — i’ve live-blogging your live-blog next sunday. – Lozo

Will Blogger collapse upon itself if this happens? I foresee a break in the space-time continuum. Punt by Maynard back to the Cowboys, and we’ve still got just under nine minutes left of this. Now I’m just monitoring for stupid comments and more Good Rex/Bad Rex talk.

Madden: You say ‘what did Rex Grossman do well tonight?’. The one thing he did well was throw this out pattern. He threw the outs and the hooks pretty well. Although that one was intercepted. – Extrapolater

Whoops. Think through your analysis, John. The Cowboys will be running MB3 in order to chew some clock right now, and I’m realizing that I’m really not comfortable with a world where Wade Phillips is 3-0 as a head coach. Wade’s son Wes (offensive assistant) has a very punchable face, I think — but you all know the only member of that family I’d make time for is the lovely Tracy.

MB3 is the Truth, breaking a 40+ yard run down to the 1 yard line.

is one more TD with a 41.5 over/under too much to ask? even the bears can get a mop-up TD, right? – Lozo

No, but MB3 and the Cowboys can. More fantasy points for me! 34-10, Dallas.

And a few plays later, we’ve got another pick thrown by Rextasy, this time caught by Roy “Horse Collar” Williams.

“The booing would be louder, but half the crowd has probably left.” – AM
“At this point, Rex Grossman’s probably booing himself.” – JM

I also would like to note that before this juncture, as the Cowboys run out the clock, John Madden told a story about Tony Romo seeing Bill Parcells in a hot tub and getting advice after the Big Tuna left. The thought of King FUPA in a hot tub is pure nightmare fuel. Two minute warning’s here.

note to nbc — stories about bill parcells in a hot tub evokes thoughts of bill parcells with no shirt on, which scares the viewer, which hurts ratings.

and that’s the over, folks! gambling is good. – Lozo


Am I the only contributor to this blog who hasn’t lived in Denver at some point? – OMDQ

I know it’s RUTS, yours truly, and Extra P who’ve done time in the Rockies. I don’t think AA or Marco have left the East Coast or Midwest residence-wise.

We’ll call it here, I think, ’cause watching the clock roll down is like watching paint dry. Dallas wins, 34-10, and prepare yourself for the litany of Rex Grossman headlines next week. Never mind him; we’re gonna have five or six QB controversies (Bears, Cardinals, Ravens, Falcons, am I missing anyone?) come next week.

Thanks for joining me again, folks — come back next Sunday for the Eagles vs. Giants match!

Oh, and the hotness of Carrie Underwood above compels you to visit Signal to Noise.

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