As if we need more reminders, Bears fans will have to watch Bill Lumbergh here line up under center and hope he doesn’t throw three picks this time out. Cedric Benson will accuse Griese of stealing his football-shaped stapler when in reality, he won’t be able to hold on to it.

Frankly, I’m rooting for a Kyle Orton appearance.

And, the open is predictably fawning over good old #4 — not to be too much of a dick, but let’s remember that he did have to battle a painkiller addiction and kind of held the Packers hostage about his retirement, and sniped about not having more offensive talent around him. Not that I hate Brett Favre at all, but let’s hold off on slobbing his knob that hard.

I don’t care if the NFL is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month; I don’t care that it’s Deana Favre wearing the pink #4 jersey. It’s still a uniform crime that the pink jerseys even exist. Death to the marketing hack who came up with that one.

Gould kicks off and the returner is back to the 28 — but there’s a flag, and it means it’s probably coming back. Favre and Co. will start on the 17. DeShawn Wynn busts a 12-yard run for the first down from the get-go. Favre throws two straight completions to Donald Driver and Greg Jennings for the first down. Basic slant passes, nothing too fancy yet. Wynn just busted a huge run to the Chicago 10 yard line, and I think Chicago is so depleted on defense that they lost the basic tackling skills as well.

Vernand Morency is in the game, and takes the next carry down to the one yard line. Wynn cleans it up, leaping over the defense for the score. Mason Crosby’s PAT is good, and it’s 7-0, Packers. This could be a long night.

Bad stat for the Bears: the Packers just beat their average for rushing yards in one drive. Crosby keeps it away from Devin Hester, and here comes Griese and the unreasonable facsimile of an offensive for the Bears. Quick out to Desmond Clark for a one yard loss. Benson gets a couple yards on 2nd down. Hester’s lined up outside on 3rd, but the pass is tipped by a GB defensive lineman. Maynard will be punting it to Charles Woodson, and one Bear special teamer got him on a very good tackle.

Favre gets his first incompletion on a too-short pass on 1st down. Morency goes for a couple on 2nd. Favre nails James Jones in the numbers on 3rd, and chains are moving after a 23-yard pass. Morency gets another 2, and apparently DeShawn Wynn is cramping — no wonder. Favre gets another first down to Rouvelle (sp?) Martin — another no-name. Wonder what Brett would do if he had more than one receiver guys could actually recognize, like say, Randy Moss? Tommie Harris pounds Favre to the turf on the next play.

Favre to Driver, again, and clearly many more of y’all out there are watching Indians-Yankees right now (not like I blame you; I want to see the Yankees gone.) Bubba Franks gets one over the middle for another first down.

“Brett is like a player-coach at this point.” – JM.

Catch and a fumble, apparently, as James Jones drops it and Danyel Manning strips him. This is the only way the Bears have a chance at winning. Play’s being reviewed, of course.

I’d like a moment of silence for the Bears defense. – Brave Sir Robin

Not dead yet, apparently. Play stands, and her comes Benson for very few. Atari Bigby names his NFL Europa team from Amsterdam, apparently, although I suspect he graduated from Colecovision University. Griese hits Benson for a 3rd down pass that’s about 2 yards short of a 1st. Maynard punts again.

As Al says, slants and crosses, and the latest one gets Green Bay out past midfield. Another one to Jones, and he fumbles it again right back to the Bears. Charles Tillman forces another one out, and it goes back to the hapless offense. Yeah, James Jones and those great hands of his that Favre was talking about.

Griese just went all Sex Cannon on us, throwing it downfield, and overthrew Bernard Berrian. I wasn’t aware he could throw deep. Never did in Denver. The Bears are still short of a first down on a Rashied Davis catch via a Woodson tackle

Charles Woodson is wearing some really interesting footwear, sporting black and yellow spikes as opposed to the white shoes the rest of the team wears. I wonder if that might draw a fine from the League, but it looks like he and Mike McKenzie both wear those.

“The Bears are using the chains to get a two-minute timeout.” – JM

Morency gets maybe a yard or so, and the quarter’s going to tick out. 7-0, Packers. See you in the next thread.