Alrighty folks….the live-blog is back, and in full a**-kicking mode. I’m prepping for the game by watching Real World “The S*** They Should Have Showed”. Based on the analysis of this programming I’m predicting Eric Snow will be the MVP of this game.

You can see I prepared. To double-check my work….join me after the jump at 8pm for a rockin’ good time.

(P.S.- I’m going to attempt to bring you a new live-blog feature called, “Your Halftime Highlights via YouTube.” Obviously the title and feature itself are a work in progress, but I’m going to give it a go. We’ll see what happens.)

8:00- Eastern Conference Finals…..the drama has just begun! Thanks “deep voice guy”….we’re live from Detroit Rock City! Welcome one and all.

Your Announcers…..Marv Albert, Steve Kerr, and….ugh Doug Collins (I knew this ahead of time, but I still don’t like hearing it).

How about that hair!!! Doug’s Hair says Rasheed Wallace is the key. I guess any player on Detroit could be key, but I’m going with Chauncey.

8:05- Steve Kerr is the anti Mark Jackson. I think it’s safe to now call him the Troy Aikman of the NBA. He almost gives you too much analysis.

Oh god….Craig Sager has his lips on some dude’s trumpet. This is going to be a special one. (FYI- He was attempting to play with the house band.)

Reggie Miller thinks Lebron has empowered his team by passing on that shot in Game 1, and Charles brings up a great point. Since Cleveland should have won Games 1 and 2…..this series could have been over. CRAAAAAZY!

8:11- Anyone want to share what they’re drinking tonight? Me??? Effen Black Cherry Vodka and Cranberry Juice. I’m posh like that.

Also, Ernie has quoted Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune about 14 times these playoffs. Can you switch it up a bit Ern?

8:17- Danny Gibson says he’s ready to have some fun….are you? I sure the hell am. Who’s on the Doug Collins “time of possession” stopwatch?

Kasey Kahne is on Vitamin Water ads now? He’s dreamy.

8:20- “This is the life ofa go-getter! A Go-Gettah!”….anyone know who sings that? Anywho, Marv is on the call, and our starting lineups are…

Cavs- Lebron, Gooden, Z, Pavs, Hughes (bench Hughes!)
Pistons- Billups, Sheed, Webber, Rip, Prince

Delaney, Salvatore, and Garretson are your officials….we’re ready for the tip.


8:25- The Cavs go to Z and get the first two. Prince misses a three but there’s an offensive rebound by Webber….he misses the follow. Miss by Lebron…..Billups hits a three on the other end. Both teams on the board.

Lebron backs Prince down and hits a baseline fadeaway. That’s a money shot if he can hit it routinely. Wallace fouled on the other end, and Doug Collins is off and running. Sheed hits two and Detroit has their first lead.

8:28- Cavs turnover, and a foul on Gooden at the other end. Sheed hits the same fadeaway that Lebron hit (on the otherside of the basket). Hughes hits a three.

“That’s gravy right there”- Collins, thanks for that Doug…the 1990s called they want their phrase back.

Hamilton misses and Lebron rebounds. Great ball movement by the Cavs and Hughes hits another. Uh oh Detroit. Right on que Billups gets an easy layup. Gooden takes a bad shot, and Webber gets two at the other end.

Quick Question: Has Steve Kerr said a word yet?

8:32- Lebron hits two at the line and has 4 points with 7 minutes to go. A Pistons’ steal and Rip gets the dunk…

15-14 Pistons at the first stoppage.

I thought I could get this up quicker, but YouTube was against me. Here’s your intro if you’re just tuning in….

8:37- I really don’t understand how 25 points makes a “sensational game”, but Marv seems to think so.

Sheed hits a jumper, and Detroit is looking good early…even after two Hughes’ threes. Wallace gets another layup and the Pistons are up 5. Pavs is fouled and he’ll head to the line.

8:41- 19-15 Detroit. Varejao comes in after a Pavlovic foul, and Cleveland is in the penalty with 4 minutes left in the half.

1st turnover for Detroit and James hits the jumper. Gooden fouls Billups and Detroit is shooting two. 2 on Gooden. 1 of 2 for Chauncey. Lebron passes to Marshall and he misses yet another three….Rip cherry picks and gets an easy layup.

Timeout….24-19….2:45 left.

8:48- Doug Collins takes credit for having Rip Hamilton cut down on the technical fouls. Good for you Douglas. Another o-reb for the Pistons….Hunter to McDyess for the slam. Rip destroys someone with a crossover, but Detroit turns it over.

Doug Collins thinks Lindsay Hunter is one of the “Best on the ball defenders of all time”. Why do I not believe him?

Damon Jones decides to come out of his cocoon and hit a three. Detroit gets an easy two, and we’ve yet to see Daniel Gibson.

HARD foul on Varejao, and Lebron is pissed! I’ll have that video up soon. Should be a flagrant. And OMG!!!! McDyess is thrown out! That is a horrible call as they give him a flagrant 2. Just a terrible call.

8:55- Lebron gets a tech for jumping in the fracas, and Varejao hits one of the free throws….

“I would make that call any time.”- Kerr
“Boy, you Steve Kerr bloggers out there…”- Marv Albert

Yes, Marv??? What do you need me to say?

Hamilton travels, and that’s the end of the 1st.

Pistons 29-23, 11-20 in the first.

Start of the 2nd Quarter….

9:04- Maxiell schools Marshall and goes to the line. That’s a definite mismatch. Lebron misses a jumper, and is apparently allergic to the paint. This is NOT asserting yourself at all. James passes as he drives to the hold, but is fouled. JUST TAKE THE BALL TO THE BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Varejao is fouled again, and heads to the line.

Andy hits two…Pistons up five. Hunter gets a nice layup, and we have our first Gibson sighting! Way to play right into the Pistons’ hands Mike Brown. James with an offensive board and the putback.

9:07- Delfino in for the Pistons….Webber to the line. Still only 32-27, and I’m officially getting bored.

Z misses, and Webber turns it over on the other end. Damon Jones misses a wide-open three and needs to go to the bench. Webber jams.

35-27 with 8:30 to go.

9:12- Some old highschool highlights from Chris Webber….nice box-fade.

Gibson draws a shooting foul from Sheed, and this is what Cleveland need to do every frickin’ time. Just go to the basket. 6 point Det lead. Webber with a reverse layup to answer. Great move by Gooden to answer back. Hughes with the steal and Pavs gets the dunk. Great work by Cleveland to stay in this. 37-33 Pistons….7 minutes to go.

9:20- Anita Baker, Bob Seger, and Kid Rock on hand. Detroit know how to draw a crowd.

Z gets a tip-in of his own shot, but Webber just destroys the rim on a dunk at the other end. Steal by Delfino and Maxiell gets a layup. And ANOTHER Cavs turnover, but the Pistons can’t capitalize.

Lebron’s back in the game after a long rest, and gets the ball into “Big Z” (as Collins calls him), and the Cavs are only down 3. Billups hits 1 of 2 after being fouled, and the Pistons have gone to Dale Davis.

Wow…you people hate some live-blog Basketball.

9:24- The refs are calling some cheap fouls on the Pistons. If I was a betting man I’d say Vegas had a hand in this. Gooden picks up his third, and is done for the half.

4 minutes left….46-42.

Delfino is guarding Lebron at half-court….James drives by but misses the layup. Hamilton throws a bad pass, and the ball is back to the Cavs.

9:29- Go crazy folks! Lebron actually accomplishes something by going to the basket. And 1…and the lead is 1.

Great pass from James to Andy Varejao, and the Cavs somehow take the lead. Prince throws a facial down on Gibson, but he stepped out of bounds.

47-46 with a little over 2 minutes left.

9:34- Lebron gets his own miss and he’s starting to assert himself. Chauncey passes on an open three, but gets bailed out by a bad foul called on Hughes.

For such a close game this is boring as hell. The crowd is completely out of it, and no one looks like they care. I’m really regretting this live-blog decision.

Billups puts the Pistons back up 1. Gibson is fouled on a questionable reach-in call on Chauncey, and the lead goes back over to the Cavs. I take back that no one cares comment. Jason Maxiell is having a great half…him and Webber.

Scot Pollard makes about a 13 second cameo and is back on the bench.

Lebron misses at the half, and a 52-51 Pistons’ lead is putting me to sleep.

Damn C-Webb calls the Cavs, and Varejao, out for flopping. “Hopefully they’ll stop flopping, and hopefully hard fouls won’t be called as flagrants.” Nice.

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